Saturday, April 23, 2011


Transfer emails arrive on Saturday... so we woke up to this little happy announcement from Lindsay this morning.  Her dream come true!
I thought you might like to have my new address :)
52, Rue du Faubourg St. Antoine
75012 Paris
I'm going to PARIS!!
I am so very excited.
As you can imagine.
My area is called Paris Lillas (pronounced LEE-luh). There are two companionships of sisters in Paris and the four of us share an apartment right in the middle of Paris by the Bastille. I am in heaven.
My new companion is Soeur Jorgensen. She is one transfer younger than me... She actually shared a dorm room with Soeur Larsen and I our last three weeks in the MTC, so I know her already. She's really nice, so it should be fun. I move down there on Wednesday.
I'm so happy.


  1. Please let Sister Williams know that Elder Spencer Winters is on his way right now! His plane is over South Dakota as I type this. He got to call us from the airport this afternoon. He was so excited he could hardly stand it! I hope they get to see each other real soon!
    Steve Winters

  2. Steve, Lindsay wrote in her letter last week that she is hoping and praying that they will see each other at the mission home or sometime very soon! She is so very excited to see Spencer and is wondering if she will be able to call him "Elder Winters"!