Monday, May 2, 2011

bonjour, paris!

bonjour from paris!

this has been such a wonderful week, as you can probably imagine.
it started on wednesday morning at the unpleasant hour of 6:40 in the morning when my train left Liège. It was SO hard to leave my first city... saying goodbye to everyone was not fun! it was okay though, because I know I will be going back there someday. It was just Elder Hall (my district leader my first three transfers) and I on the train, which was so much fun. We arrived in Paris around 10, then I was off!
my new companion is Soeur Jorgensen, from Taylorsville. We lived in the MTC together my last three weeks, so we already knew each other, which is fun. We share an apartment with the other Paris soeurs, Soeur Pearce and Soeur Smith. I love them all! We have so much fun together. Our apartment is lovely and old... The windows open out to the street below, there are exposed wood beams on the walls, and a bookcase full of vintage books at the bottom of the rickety, windy wood staircase! I am in absolute
h e a v e n.
I don't even know what I can say about Paris that hasn't already been said, but I will say this: I belong here! I have known it my whole life. I was made for Paris. It's like what Gertrude Stein said, "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown." It's so true. This is the most beautiful city in the world, and I feel so very lucky and blessed to be here. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm here, so I go and peek out the window of our apartment, just to make sure it's not a dream :)

Our ward is great.... It's basically all Africans, which is so much fun! I love it here already. We had something really cool happen on Sunday. Edinton and his friend, both from Sri Lanka, came to church. Edinton was contacted by the sister missionaries on the metro six months ago. He was really interested in the church, but the sisters never heard back from him. Then, about a week ago, the sisters got a text that said:
"Hi Soeur Pearce and Soeur Clark I am Sri Lankan guy. In 2010 I met you in the metro. My name is Edinton. You had my number in your diary, but it's not working. I like to joind with Jesus me and my friend. Can you pleace call me."
So of course, the sisters contacted him. He came to church with his friend the Sunday before I got to Paris. They said that they have been searching for churches for years and have never felt that way before. They came to church again yesterday and we had a rendez-vous with them after the meetings. He told us his story:
A few days after he was contacted by the sisters, he ran after a robber who had taken a lady's purse. He caught up with the guy and grabbed the purse, but the robber and his gang stabbed Edinton twice and broke a glass bottle over his head. He was in the hospital for a long time, so he wasn't able to contact the sisters. He was then put under police protection because the gang was still after him, so he couldn't contact the sisters. Basically, he's been waiting for six months to be able to come to our church! He and his friend were so excited to be there. They are so sweet and humble, and so very ready for the gospel. Edinton has agreed to baptism! It is such a sweet little miracle.

i just love you. thank you for everything. know that I am very very happy. your support and love means everything.
la parisienne.

Last district meeting in Liège... love them.
me and my girl Ewoma. (also in Liège)
Soeur Jorgensen and I in front of the Arc de Triomphe
 paris, i love you.

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