Monday, August 8, 2011

vacances has got nothing on us.

here's this thing in france that happens during the summer. it's called
and it is the bane of every missionary's existence. why? because vacances is french for vacation. meaning everyone picks up and leaves for the entire month of august. EVERYone. even Zdravko went back to bulgaria for the month! so Soeur Smith and I have been very... creative this week. between having to take it slow because of my ankle and the work slowing down because of vacances, this week has been just that: slow.
there have been some events of note that have taken place this week. I thought I'd revert back to my old self for a few minutes and make a list. :)

10 little things that make me terribly happy:
august 8th edition.

1. watching a Chinese recent convert, Fu Jian Shu, bless the sacrament in chinese at church yesterday. he is the very first chinese member to receive the priesthood. it was so sweet. all the chinese missionaries were so happy and so proud of him. 
2. walking home the back way along the Seine at twilight.
3. my ever-so-thoughtful companion who spends half her dinner hour building a fort for us to sit in while i have to put my ankle up.
4. hearing testimonies in four different languages in church yesterday: french, spanish, chinese, and tahitian.
5. a breakthrough rendez-vous with a struggling less-active. love those.
6. pouring down rain almost daily. we looked like we had jumped in a pool fully clothed after we went out for groceries today. this is my kind of august weather.
7. picnicking in the shadows of the eiffel tower with 16 other missionaries today for p day. such fun.
8. seeing the bastille all lit up at night.
9. happening upon the cutest little flower shops ever.
10. waking up every morning in paris.

my week in a list. it was a particular week, but still lovely in its own way. i could live in this city a long while longer. i love paris. and with all this rain we've been having, I get the feeling that paris loves me too.
la petite missionnaire.


                  the bastille. this is right down the street from
our apartment.

this is St. Merri, where i go to church every week. no, i'm not kidding. isn't that the prettiest ward house you've ever seen? the ground floor is the church, and the second floor is the institute.

Soeur Didier, Soeur Ingraham, me, Soeur Smith, Soeur Dawson and Soeur Perez at the picnic today.

 with Elder Jaquier, one of our favorite elders. It was his last p day today :(

 the cutest flower shop ever.

the eiffel tower just never gets old.

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