Monday, January 30, 2012

we are doing a great work and we cannot come down.

we had interviews- our last ones- with president this week. it was so surreal. President and Soeur Poznanski gave an amazing training on the story of Nehemiah. They announced our mission theme for 2012:
"we are doing a great work and we cannot come down."
 it was a good little boost for us as Soeur Larsen and I get ready to head into our last transfer.
do you remember Isabelle? she is the one who received a flyer in her mailbox for our Christmas spectacle and came, then came to church the next sunday. we finally got a rendez-vous with her this week and it was so good. She was born and raised Catholic, like most people around here. But, she questions the Catholic church, also like most people around here. We taught her the first lesson: prophets and dispensations, Christ's earthly ministry, the great apostasy, the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. the spirit was so strong and she accepted all of it. she was just glowing. she is so prepared for the gospel... she just drinks it all in. we're really excited about her... we're going to invite her to be baptized this week!
it was a lovely week. as always, Soeur Larsen and I are having a blast skipping and testifying all over this town!
love from the loire.
little mish.

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