Monday, March 26, 2012

a list.

what do you say at the end of a mission?

i loved it more than anything.
it changed my life.
i'm so happy.
all of that seems so insignificant, so small, compared to what my mission really was for me.
the words just simply do not exist!
the only thing i can think to do is, of course, make a list. :)
10 little things that make me terribly happy:
my last week as a missionary edition.
1. Carlos passed the sacrament and bore his testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon yesterday.
2. Clément came and taught an ami with us this week. He's also going to get his temple recommend soon. Bliss.
3. feeling so loved by our beloved little branch as we said au revoir.
4. crying and laughing (but mostly laughing) with soeur larsen all week long
5. spending monday afternoon at a beautiful château, trying to soak up every little french detail
6. eating "à la niçoise" sunday night with our ami who is from nice. yum.
7. cobblestones and baguettes and "bonjour"s.
8. bearing my testimony as often as i can.
9. watching the book of mormon change lives little by little every day. 
10. living my dream.
so much love from the loire.
à bientôt,
little mish.

ps... she was supposed to send LOTS of pics today, but forgot her camera cord.  the pics will be added later this week, so be sure to check back!!

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