Monday, June 20, 2011

an Indian guy, an American girl, and a French girl.

it was Soeur Didier's birthday this week! We totally pulled a sneak attack on her after studies on friday. ("put on your shoes! don't ask questions!") we whisked her away to Dalloyau for some of the best hot chocolate in the world (because, oddly enough, we are having hot chocolate weather in mid-june. no complaints from me!) it was mmmmgood.

Afterwards, Soeur Didier and I went to the GHETTO to see Anbu. And when I say ghetto, I mean we were the only white people for a good 20 miles. It was interesting to say the least! It was like a totally different world. Our lesson with Anbu went so well though. We taught him the law of chastity, which he already lives, so we moved on to the law of the fast, which he also already lives! He fasts every single weekend. We told him that wasn't necessary, but he said he likes to feel closer to Heavenly Father. It was so sweet. Then he said, "my life is Mormon now." He said he's excited to be the next member of the church and to "wear a badge" like us :) We just love him. He radiates light and joy. In the middle of our lesson, he said, "Look at us. An Indian guy, an American girl, and a French girl. Only Heavenly Father could have arranged this." He is so good. He will be baptized on July 3rd and he can hardly wait! Neither can I. He is just the sweetest man. The Lord is blessing us so much!

We were late getting to the email place today, so that is all I have time to write! Know that I am happy and well and loving missionary life here in the city of light.

Que Dieu vous bénisse!

little mish.

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