Monday, June 6, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things.

This week has been rainy and lovely. Last night, there was a huge storm with thunder and lightning. Soeur Pearce and I stuck our heads out the window and sung "My Favorite Things". I love this weather!

Philomene was given the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. She actually showed up for church, bringing two MORE friends with her! She is such a great missionary. She is just the light of my life right now. I love her so much. She walked in the door wearing rainbow leggings with a bright purple dress over it and a huge wooden bead necklace. She is so wonderful. Frere Hitoto, our former bishop, gave her the blessing. The two of them are both from Congo and he calls her "my Philo". So cute. She was beaming up on the stand... After the blessing was done, she came and sat next to me in the congregation and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. She is so happy!

Earlier this week, we had a rendez-vous with her about temples. As you can imagine, she got really excited when we told her about everything you can do in the temple! Her favorite part was the Angel Moroni... She loved his trumpet. She said the trumpet is more powerful than the bells in the catholic cathedrals :) Then she cupped her hand around her mouth and imitated the trumpet... Soeur Jorgensen and I were dying! It was so funny and sweet. We showed her pictures of the tempes in Africa, which she loved. She is excited for a temple in Congo someday. She is so faithful and full of love and enthusiasm for the gospel. I just love her!

Edinton wasn't able to make it to church, but Anbu was there. We taught him the Plan of Salvation afterwards and it went so well. His English is very limited, so we have to teach the lessons very simply, almost like as if it were to a child. I drew the plan out on the board and we went through each step with him. When we got to the kingdoms of glory, I asked, "Do you want to live with your family forever?" He contemplated for a few seconds, then nodded and quietly said, "yes." there was such a strong spirit. I testified to him about the plan and how comforting it is that this life is not the end. It was a very sweet and simple lesson. I love Anbu. He is so humble and he loves church so much. He's still very excited for his baptism!

    A few weeks ago, the Area Presidency of western Europe sent out a mass letter to all the wards. They consecrated the month of June for missionary work, and asked all the members to fast for missionary work the first sunday in June. During fast & testimony meeting, members got up one by one and bore their testimony on missionary work, often talking about the missionaries who first found them and how they received their testimony. It was so cool... Everyone was on fire with the missionary spirit. It was such an amazing thing to witness. June is going to be full of miracles!

Other than that, our week has been crazy getting ready for transfers! The last week of the transfer is always a little nuts. Time is flying by. most days I feel like I'm flying up in the clouds, I am just so happy.

i love you all dearly. have a wonderful week!
avec amour,

little mish.

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