Monday, July 11, 2011

i know you too.

i think this week i will be sending more pictures than words. not a whole lot happened this week.... lots of being stuck in the apartment. but one big thing did happen:
anbu was baptized!
it was such a perfect day. He was glowing in his white baptismal outfit. Soeur Cornet, a member of the ward who has taught Anbu with us from the beginning, gave a lovely testimony on baptism. She talked about her own conversion and how grateful she is to have been a small part in his conversion. At the end, she told him he will always be our brother. It's true. Anbu asked me to give a testimony on the Holy Ghost... i basically got up to the podium and cried. I managed to give my testimony too, though. :) I talked about how the first time I met him, I asked him what he knew about Jesus. He replied with a simple three word answer that I have never forgotten: "I know Jesus." I told him that if he keeps his covenants and the commandments, then one day Jesus will take him into his arms and say, "I know you too." He was smiling at me from the front row the whole time. I am just in awe of him. He is so happy and so full of faith. Elder Berrett baptized him- and only had to do it once! (Philomene had to be dunked five times :) ) the spirit was so strong. I feel so honored to have been able to teach him. Honestly though, I think he has taught me more than I ever taught him. He is such an example. It was a wonderful day.

other than that, nothing much happened this week! hopefully the plethora of pictures will make up for my lack of writing.
i love you all dearly. thank you for your support and prayers.

little mish.

photos from the last few weeks:

Anbu's baptism!! It was so wonderful. I cried like a baby. He is just the sweetest man ever.
Philomene insisted on taking a picture with Anbu, even though that was the first time they had met each other. She said Anbu is like her brother now, since he was baptized after her. :)
this is how bored i got in the apartment this week: I drew the four of us as disney princesses. 
the soeurs LOVED it :)
me & soeur didier at the visitors center
i love her!
with Marie, an investigator, at the visitor's center.
we walked past the Arc de Triomphe the other day and Soeur Didier snapped this pic. 
I promise I'm not that squinty all the time.
at the Arc de Triomphe with Soeur Pearce and Soeur Smith... 
we got rained on :)
at the Louvre. back row: Elders Weed, Liao, Berrett, and Vallecalle. front row: Soeur Pearce, me, Soeurs Smith & Didier. (That's Rick Steves' Paris in the background, the best guidebook ever. We love Rick.)
the Louvre pyramid. 
we went and got Falafel (is that how you spell it?) in the Jewish Quarter. THAT was a culinary experience. 
{Just  a note - these pictures were all taken about 4-5 weeks ago, before Lindsay 
started having problems with her foot... she has not been able to get out much 
for the last 3 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers!}

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