Monday, October 3, 2011

i love to see the temple.

10 little things that make me terribly happy:the best-weekend-ever edition.

1. the temple!
 when President Monson got up to announce the temples, my heart was literally pounding out of my chest. we had been waiting and waiting and waiting all week for that moment, like it was Christmas. he went through the list, and for a split second, i thought he wasn't going to announce it. Then, he said it! We were in a room full of missionaries watching it in English and the entire room erupted into cheers. It was literally one of the best moments of my life.
2. it was absolutely euphoric.
after the temple was announced, we asked Elder Rak, a french elder, how he felt. He said, "those screams reminded me of the screams when we got our mission calls." that was a perfect way to describe it. I thought  back to when I opened mine and um.... screamed... a lot. hearing the temple announcement gave me the same feeling. 
3. President forget-me-not Uchtdorf
4. Remember the amazing discussion I had with the doctor during the exam?
 I had never been able to get a hold of him, but we didn't give up hope. Last week, I called and left a message with his secretary, and on thursday night, he called me! He said he hadn't started reading the Book of Mormon yet. I told him I would really like to know his opinion of it. He said, "Okay, this is what we'll do. I have a conference for the next two weeks. Give me that time, call me in mid-October, and I will give you my opinion." he then asked me how my ankle was doing and we said goodbye. He was so sweet! I can't believe he remembered everything. It was a miracle.
5. making fluffy apple pancake, 
finding out we didn't have the right pan, and baking it in a rice cooker bowl. ah, mission life.
6. riding the train back from Normandy (exchanges)
 and having a nice long chat with Soeur Smith while the beautiful French countryside rolled alongside us out the window.
7. President Monson being silly. 
8. the temple in Kinshasa, Congo. 
that is where Philomene is from!
9. Watching all the Elders taking notes on how to raise their daughters and be good dads
 during Sister Dalton's talk. So sweet.
10. mission life. 
it is the best kind of life there is.

-Soeur Williams

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  1. If there's one thing I miss, it's *all* of mission life. I'd only heard a bit of the France/temple situation from a few French saints in England, but I got a similar, opening-the-mission-call feeling when I heard about the Paris temple. Thanks for this excellent update, Sue, and thanks of course to Soeur Williams for sending it!

    Missions rock!