Monday, October 24, 2011

one year.

one year.
top ten moments of my first year as a missionary.

1. the paris temple announcement
2. Anbu's baptism
3. Zdravko's franglish prayers
4. the moment i realized i could carry on a conversation in french
5. teaching Beauty about temples with Soeur England
6. Philomene's baptism
7. Christiane's english ("i love you, me too, too much!")
and her adorable kids
8. having to gulp down really gross food-
not funny in the moment, but funny afterwards.
9. really good food-
it's the reward for all the really gross food.
10. putting my tag on everyday
and talking to strangers about the gospel.
of course, there are thousands and thousands more of moments and experiences over the past year that have been defining, amazing, and life-changing. It would be impossible to write them all down. it has been an incredible year!
sometimes mission life is so crazy, all you can do is laugh. on tuesday, soeur larsen and i made the trip to paris for my doctor appointment. the doctor gave me a shot in my ankle and told me to try not to walk. we got back to Blois that night and started the 15 minute walk from the train station to our apartment. I was walking like a 90 year-old woman.... VERYslowly. we were limping along our merry way when a torrential downpour of rain descended upon us...we were soaked through in minutes. Of course the only day it has rained since we arrived here was the day I could barely walk! we laughed at the irony as we got wetter and wetter walking at a snail's pace back to the apartment.
this week has been awesome. on saturday we went to see Chris and Maria, a young married couple. they have two kids: Axel is 17 months and Exaucée is 3 months. The rendez-vous was a little crazy with the little kids, but the spirit was so strong. Chris is familiar with the church.. he was taught by the missionaries about a year ago. They were both so humble and open and accepting. We are so excited about them! Maria came to church yesterday with her little baby girl and the whole branch just fawned over them. I love having such a rockstar branch :)
life is good.
love from blois
little mish.

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