Friday, November 19, 2010

one month down and one to go!

Bonjour family! Whew, it has been a loooooong week. I got sick with a cold/cough at the beginning of the week. That's the bad thing about the MTC... one person gets sick, and suddenly EVERYONE is sick. At least half of our district had colds this week. No fun. I'm better now though!
The language is going great... Soeur Larsen and I go to private french tutoring sessions once a week, and we speak french 100% of the time in the classroom, and as much as possible outside of the classroom. That's A LOT of French, since we spend about 12 hours a day in our tiny little classroom. It starts to smell like boy in there by the end of the day. gross. But we all love each other, so it's so much fun. We have to teach our first lesson completely in french on wednesday in the TRC. Soeur Larsen and I are excited! We're so ready. The TRC is funny. Ask Katie to tell you about it :)
Can you believe I've been here a whole month?? It's going by SO fast. I'm halfway through my time at the MTC! I seriously can't believe it. I'm going to be sad to leave here, especially because I won't get to see all the Montreal elders anymore.
Oh, I almost forgot! I got a calling! I'm the music coordinator for our branch. It's so much fun. I get to pick the hymns and arrange the special musical numbers for sacrament meeting. It's one of like, two calls sisters can get so i feel pretty lucky :)
On tuesday for the devotional Elder Pearson of the seventy came. It was amazing! He spoke really powerfully. My favorite thing he said was that everyone we will meet already has a testimony. They know the gospel because they were there in the pre-existence. Our job is to help them remember what they already know.
Soeur Larsen and I always joke about how the MTC is the only place we have ever felt this much love. We love everyone we meet! I think that is a gift that comes with the calling of a missionary- i already love the french people. i love the people i am going to teach. love, love, love.
I LOVED the birthday party pictures! Once again, Amie, you outdid yourself. So cute! Emilie looks so grown up (TOO grown up!) and Rico does NOT look his age :)
I'm sorry this email was shorter than usual, but I have a lot of letters to write! Thank you for all the mail! Please keep it coming :) It is so encouraging and uplifting to get letters from all of you!
I love and miss you a lot a lot. :)
avec amour, the little mish