Friday, November 26, 2010

the best Thanksgiving I've ever had...

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Oh my goodness, what an amazing day. It was the best thanksgiving I've ever had, and it definitely had nothing to do with the food :) THANK YOU for the butter rolls though! What a lovely little taste of home. It turns out they're the exact same rolls Soeur Larsen's mom makes, so we shared them and it was delicious.
So Thanksgiving at the MTC is amazing. We had a devotional in the morning, and rumors had been flying for days about who was going to come. We waited in line for two hours to get in! We finally made it in and got some killer seats right next to the podium. The anticipation in the room climbed as we sang our prelude songs. Seriously, we were dying. As we were singing "Because I have Been Given Much", the double doors opened and in walked Eler Holland! I immediately started bawling as we all stood. He walked up the stairs to the podium, turned to face us, and blew kisses at us :) And not only did Elder Holland come, his entire family came with him. He told us, "The Hollands are your family today". It was so sweet! Before he spoke, he had all of his grandkids come up and sing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" for us. It was darling, and it made me miss the kiddos. His talk was INCREDIBLE, as always.
After the devotional we had our Thanksgiving meal. It was fine... I made my own Martinelli's from apple juice and sprite so it would feel a little more like home :) it was fun to share it with the district. Our European elders were a little bit confused about why turkey is such a big deal. How was YOUR thanksgiving? I bet it was just amazing, like always. I hope you had fun with the 8 billion people you had over!
At breakfast, we all talked about our traditional Thanksgiving meals. Jaws were dropping as I described Richard's usual Thanksgiving extravaganza! How does having all my missionary friends over for sunday dinner in 2012 sound? They're all really excited about it :) Richard's food is famous around here, and nobody has ever even tasted it!
After our Thanksgiving meal, the entire MTC participated in a service project. We cut out the supplies needed to sew backpacks for needy children. It was so fun! At the end of it, they announced we made over 33,000 kits. How amazing is that?? It only took us about 2 hours.
I'm sorry I have to cut this one a bit short... I have to go do laundry! A nice long letter is coming your way :) I love and miss you so much! keep the letters coming :)
love, love, love,
your little mish

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