Friday, November 5, 2010

sister love

Bonjour ma famille!
I feel like my heart is going to explode, I'm so very happy! I have met so many amazing people. And here at the MTC, when you meet someone, you instantly love them. Oh, the love. it's great. Last night Soeur Larsen and I had a little chat session with the other Soeurs in our zone (there's 11 of us!) and it was so much fun. We hugged each other for like five hours. We don't even know each other that well yet, but there is a real bond of sisterhood. It's the best feeling. Two of the soeurs are little granola runner girls, and they totally remind me of you, mom. :) I told them about your store and the raw milk and grass-fed everything and they were really interested in it. I want to tell you a little bit about them:
Soeur Neumeister is from Austria and therefore has a darling accent. She's quiet, but she can be hilarious when she wants to :)
Soeur Harline is one of the crunchy girls. She wears Toms like every day. Her brother was a BYU football player!
Soeur Read loves to read, oddly enough :) She wants to go into Marine Biology though, so our common interests pretty much stop at reading.
Soeur Scott is the other crunchy girl. She's from California and she's so sweet.
Soeur Turney loves to draw... she's an animation major. (is she the one Sandy told me about? I think she might be.)
Soeur Wiseman is my friend from Jr. High and we have SO much fun. She's the happiest person and it's infectious!
Soeur Cope is darling. She has the cutest clothes and not gonna lie, Soeur Larsen and I covet them just a little bit :)
Soeur Rowley is so cheerful and nice. She wears contacts during the day, but when she takes them out... Holy Kevin Haycock glasses! They're so thick haha.
Soeur Baxter is a solo sister. She has two Elders as her companions... kind of strange, huh? She's going to Fiji! (The rest of us are going to Paris, Toulouse, or Geneva) Everyone loves Soeur Baxter. She's so bubbly and friendly and I love her.
This week has been just wonderful. I'm tired like all the time, but I don't even care. Everyday I'm getting closer and closer to the missionary I want to be. The Lord has His hand on my shoulder, guiding me along!
San Francisco was INCREDIBLE! Oh my goodness. I wrote an entire separate letter about that one...there's no way I could type everything about the San Fran trip in 30 minutes. I'm sending it today, along with my memory card. The only bummer about the trip was we missed the Tuesday night devotional with M. Russell Ballard. bummer! but they record all the devotionals so we can go to the bookstore and request a copy to watch, if we ever have the time! we're crazy busy here, but I'm loving every minute of busy-ness.
I did get Megan's letter... I'm sending my reply today. I wish she could be here with me. I seriously think she would LOVE it here.
Thank you for sending the package, Amie! We haven't gotten the mail yet, but I'll be watching for it :) My stash of good food is almost gone, so THANK YOU for sending another package :)
Yesterday in class, we watched "Finding Faith in Christ". Elder Andersen said the actor who plays the Savior in those movies is in his home ward in Norway! He told us about the scene when the Lord is carrying a lamb on his shoulders. As they were perparing for the scene, the lamb was out of control, making noises and fidgeting. As soon as the director called "action", however, the lamb relaxed on his shoulders and didn't make a peep for the rest of the day. The actor also told him that the Atonement scene was shot in just one take. I love hearing stories like that! And don't you just LOVE that actor? He's so perfect for the part. I totally started bawling during the movie. I'm just glad it wasn't The Testaments... then I would have been full-on sobbing. :)
My time is running out! I love you ever so much. Keep the letters coming! {that means YOU, scott and katie ;) }
love from your little mish :)


  1. there's nothing better than these amazing missionary letters!!

  2. Thanks for posting Lind's letters, we really enjoy them and feel the spirit she has. She is going to accomplish much on her errand. Grandpa.

  3. Just catching up on all the letters! Glad to know she is loving every minute if it:) What an awesome experience, I'm a little jealous;)She is learning so much! Loved the 'Kevin Haycock' eyesight comment...poor girl.