Friday, December 3, 2010

a visit from Sis. Beck!

Hello, family and friends!
It's been a very eventful week. I can't believe I go to Paris in 2 and a half weeks!!! i'm so beyond excited.
So first off, on Tuesday Sister Beck came for our devotional! It was awesome. Such a great surprise. They just keep spoiling us! And mom. she was wearing the cutest green 60's swing jacket and oversized pearls. you would have died. She was SO good, as usual. I just love her! She talked a lot about how the church is exploding in Brazil, and I kept thinking, someday she's going to be talking about how the church is exploding in France :)
It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm sure it was just divine as always. And YAY YAY YAY for Amie and Roland! I'm so excited you guys finally got your tickets! I knew you would. That will be so much fun.
I have a funny little story... yesterday I was walking to my table at the cafeteria, and this sister (don't remember her name) stopped me and said, "I know this is going to sound totally creepy, but are you going to paris on your mission?" I said yes, and she said she had found my mission blog a couple weeks ago. She was like, "I just think you are darling and I love nie nie too!" Hah! It was so random. and funny.
Oh, goodness. I'm already running out of time. I'm sorry it's so short this week! I wrote lots of letters this morning, and I'll be sending another big one home too :) Get ready for TRC stories and notes from devotionals. so exciting.
I love and miss you!
the little mish

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  1. that sister that stopped you was my friend kenzi! she is darling. you would love her!